We'll make sure you PASS your car or bike theory test

ONE payment, ONE account, AS MANY tests as you need until you PASS!

So, each time you fail, we'll give you another test (terms apply)
For the avoidance of any confusion we are not part of or associated with the DVSA. You can book your test directly with the DVSA at www.gov.uk for £23 but you won't get any re-sits if you fail.

Meet the team
Meet the team
For the avoidance of any confusion we are not part of or associated with the DVSA. You can book your test directly with the DVSA at www.gov.uk for £23 but you won't get any re-sits if you fail.
Watch a short video about how it works
Watch our short video
5 reasons to book your theory test here:
  • One-off fee of £41 which includes your test fees for as many tests as you need to PASS (terms apply). A single test booked directly with the DVSA costs £23
  • An account on www.DrivingTheory4All.co.uk
  • Everything you need to PASS your car or bike theory test
  • As many tests as you need until you PASS
  • We'll help you all the way
We're different - why?
  • Uniquely, we combine training with testing
  • Whether you're just starting to learn your theory, or you're not confident or you've already failed, we WILL help you to PASS
  • You'll get full access to our training site and our support team until you're ready. Our training site will even tell you when you're ready for your real test
Why shouldn't I just book my test with the DVSA? You can certainly do this but you won't get any free re-tests if you fail. You will pay for each test you take.
This is really important - Some theory test booking sites have had very bad reputations due to offering unfair and unclear terms as well as for misusing premium rate telephone numbers. We are fully approved by Trading Standards and we are part of their Buy With Confidence scheme.
If you want to drive a car you'll need to pass the driving theory test before booking the car practical driving test. There are 2 parts to the theory test:
  • the multiple choice questions part
  • the hazard perception part

Both parts of the test are taken on the same day. You need to pass both parts to pass the theory test.

You'll then get a theory test pass certificate.
You'll need the certificate number when you book your practical test.
For more details go to https://www.gov.uk/driving-theory-test/overview
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