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About 52% of candidates fail their theory tests but use us and we'll help you pass first time!

1. Sign up

It only takes a few minutes.

Simply fill in our quick and easy sign up form, telling us when and where you'd like to take your test and pay the one off fee of £55.00.

Your account on is setup as soon as you pay.

2. We'll book your test

It takes up to 1 day.

We'll email you the details of the test we've booked for you.

3. You use your training account

Get PASS Protection Plus.

Use your account on to qualify for the learning part of PASS Protection Plus.

You just need to score 90% or more in all of our topic tests and pass 10 mock theory tests before your actual test to show us you are fully prepared.

4. Take your test

The big day!

By now you should be fully prepared as you should have worked your way through the material on

If you fail, to be eligible for PASS Protection Plus you need to have met the training requirements in step 3 above AND score at least 35 out of 50 in the multiple choice questions part of the test and score at least 40 out of 75 in the hazard perception part of the test - these scores are not hard to achieve.

If you're unlucky enough to fail and you've met the above terms, let us know and we'll book more tests for you until you PASS!

Please read our full terms and conditions.

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